Providing holistic legal representation by emphasizing safety and self-empowerment for survivors and involved children of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking.


Who We Are

For over 20 years, the WCADVSA has been committed to promoting healthy communities across Wyoming. Our program attorneys have represented or advised thousands of clients including clients on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Our main office is located in Laramie with four satellite offices in Cody, Casper, Gillette, and Fort Washakie.  


Program attorneys are specially trained in the dynamics of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. This means they understand the importance of understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma.  We look at the whole picture to problem solve with our clients.

Our Legal Program understands that trauma affects many areas of a person's life. We can help with legal issues related to education, family, criminal justice advocacy, and others related to violence. All cases are handled in a way that promotes safety and self-empowerment to move from violence toward healing.

For More Information

Please Call Laramie/Main Office: 307-755-0992

Physical: 710 E Garfield St, Suite 218
Laramie, WY 82070
Mailing: P.O. Box 236
Laramie, WY 82073
Ph: 307-755-0992
Fax: 307-755-5481


Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Satellite Offices

Cody Office
Physical: 1021 14 th St., Suites 2 & 3
Mailing: P.O. Box 2751

Cody, WY 82414
Ph: 307-587-5161
Fax: 307-587-5418


Gillette Office
400 S Kendrick Ave
Suite 304
Gillette, WY 82716

Ph: 307-228-3451
Fax: 307-363-5066

Fort Washakie Office
Physical: 14567 Hwy 287
Mailing: P.O. Box 609
Fort Washakie, WY 82514
Ph: 307-349-8368
Fax: 307-335-1340


Casper Office
Physical: 740 Luker Lane
Mailing: P.O. Box 126
Evansville, WY 82636
Ph: 307-259-4219
Fax: 307-448-1115


What We Do

Legal Representation

We provide expert legal advice and direct representation to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. This advice includes legal needs such as housing, safety, family, and other issues intertwined with instances of violence.

Attorney Networking

We collaborate and coordinate to develop a network of trauma informed attorneys who are trained to be victim advocates while representing survivors.

Statewide Connecting

We work to improve the justice system through interaction with judges, the Wyoming State Bar, and advocacy organizations state and nationwide. We provide technical expertise to guide and train attorneys, law students, and other organizations.


Only need to talk about your options? 


-We can do that.

Our services are tailored to each client including how much help one needs. Some people only need a conversation with our trauma informed layers to see what their options are. This is call an options call. This does not require an application.


Brief services include our attorney making a phone call to a landlord or drafting a limited numbers of pleadings or letters. An application required.

Full services is our continuous representation of a client from the start of a case to its conclusion. An application required.

Legal Needs We Represent

Justice looks different for each survivor. Here are some examples of legal matters we can help with:


Negotiate with landlords for accommodations▪Help breaking leases▪Identify financial resources for housing needs


Represent survivors in student misconduct hearings and appeals▪Help survivors obtain accommodations from schools▪Assess whether schools are in compliance with state and federal laws, including Title IX


Assist survivors with obtaining child custody, visitation, child support, divorce, guardianship, termination of parental rights, and other family law matters.


Negotiate leave from work or other employment accommodations▪Work with employers to accommodate safety needs▪Assess whether employers are in compliance with state and federal laws, including FMLA

Criminal Justice Advocacy:

Advise survivors on the criminal justice process▪Advise survivors on their rights as a victim/witness in a criminal case against their perpetrator


Represent survivors in proceedings to obtain protective orders sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence▪Work with employers, housing authorities, and schools to enforce safety measures


Represent survivors at privacy hearings following a request for the release of privileged or confidential records▪Work with schools and employers to protect victim privacy where possible


Resist abusers' attempts to use immigration status as a weapon against survivors▪Represent non-citizens with victim-based immigration remedies such as U Visas and VAWA petitions


We require an application that can me mailed, emailed, or dropped off our main office in Laramie. All applications are processed at our Laramie office. We contact survivors to schedule a screening appointment after receiving applications. *Please follow up with us if you do not hear from us within 1 week.* There are many moving parts in our office and we appreciate your patience. Applications can be filled online found below or at your local Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault shelter.


This cover page is required for domestic violence & sexual assault cases in addition to the application.


If you are a survivor of domestic violence.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault.

If you are a survivor of stalking.

If you are a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking. In addition, if you are worried about your immigration status being used against you.



Sexual violence against young adults is most likely perpetrated by someone the survivor is familiar with and often occurs within the context of alcohol or drugs. This never means the survivor is to blame. These instances can be traumatic and isolating, with safety concerns and fear of social backlash if disclosed.

Legal remedies in the school setting for sexual discrimination, harassment, and violence include Title IX and other government policies.

Fine out more about Title IX here at Know Your IX or through the Department of Education.


The Legal Program is here to discuss your legal options and ensure you have your voice heard. We can insist that the school’s administration responds to your needs after a complaint against a school is filed, urge school officials to adopt appropriate policies, ensure the compliance of written policy, and document the process with the survivor.

High School

You always have the right to tell someone what you want or don’t want. Harmful behaviors are abusive when someone doesn’t listen to you, and tries to gain control or power over you. Abuse can be physical or emotional, both of which can make someone feel hurt.



Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  


Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  


Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  


Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  

Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

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