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Insufferable Blues

Poem by Psalm Wolfe

As your hands covered my mouth, I could taste your sweat,

I could taste the anger bleeding out of your pores.

I could smell the man hovering over me. Blue eyes that were as cold as the blood pushing through my veins.

As I tried to pull away, you pushed yourself back onto me.

Tears flood my eyes and a grin sneaks onto your face.


Each push, I feel you delving into me. And with each turn I felt the world slip away from me.

Crooked teeth stare back at my clenched jaw. Smiling at the fear that bleeds out of me. Help, was in the room, down the hallway,

But gave a deaf ear as to what their son was doing to me.

The house aided the darkness. Indulging, soaking in the sacrifice. Smiling right back at me.


Screams of terror muffled by your groans.

Lore enlightened you, and all I could feel was your groin.

Numbness took me, and I fluttered to the top of the room.

My body laid lifeless, while you took your turn.

Moving only from your punches, and breathing in your hums.

Finished you lay me down, and close the door to this room.

I lay, breathing, begging to die, and begging for this to end.

3rd day in this windowless cavern.

Yelling, screaming, does nothing to bring the end.

It just excites this monster, and makes him want to get it in.


So I lay here wasted and starving, praying for this to end.

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