Donation Sharing

Has your program received a donation that you are unable to use or have you received more of a donation than you can use? Would you like to share your donations with other programs?


If yes, you can share your donations with other programs through this site, where you will both submit and shop for donations.


Please complete and submit the Program Donation Sharing Submission Form below and upload a picture of the item.  Once we have received your submission, we will post the description and picture to this web page. 


Please submit a new form for each donation you would like to share.  Ex: If you have two of the same book, you only need to submit one form.  If you have two different books, please submit two different forms.


New items till be posted in the weekly Coalition Connection.  Items will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.


Questions?  Please e-mail Katie @



Available Items!

We will post items here when they become available. You will also be able to request your item here.

There are currently no available items, please check back soon!

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