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Wyoming Reproductive Health Planning Resources

Abortion Access in Wyoming: A word from WCADVSA

As of today (July 8, 2022), nothing has changed in the state of Wyoming since June 24, 2022 when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Roe which granted every person the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy depending on circumstances and later rulings of the Court. But Roe was overturned in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Center on June 24, 2022, sending the abortion issue back to the States to decide.


We may not know abortion is illegal in Wyoming until August 2022. Below is a detailed summary of what has to happen in Wyoming before abortion becomes illegal in Wyoming. Please connect with Tara Muir with any questions about this summary.


In Wyoming, abortion is still legal -- although... (click here to read more)

Reproductive Health Resources

While the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has reversed Roe v. Wade, we can still help survivors seeking an abortion. Check out some reproductive health resources here.


  • Wyoming resources: 

  • This abortion finder site has state by state information about abortion access including emergency funds for procedures and travel costs.

  • Check out HHS', which provides timely and accurate information about reproductive rights and access to reproductive health care. This includes know-your-rights information for patients and providers and promoting awareness of and access to family planning services, as well as guidance for how to file a how to file a patient privacy or nondiscrimination complaint with its Office for Civil Rights.

  • The Guttmacher Institute has a map about trigger states and the closest available state more likely to have abortion access.

  • We've previously shared our paper with the National Partnership on Women and Families about linkages between anti-sexual violence work and reproductive justice work.

  • NAESV sign on position statement (several years old) on the limits of rape exemptions to abortion bans.

  • This RALIANCE blog on companies supporting their employees' access to reproductive healthcare options.

  • And you can visit this site to find #BansOffOurBodies rallies and activism information.

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