Children's Books for 2016!



Engaging Children to Celebrate Respect and Individuality through Literature

Reading with children every day, even just 20 minutes, creates a long-lasting positive impact on children’s emotional, intellectual, and social development.  The WCADVSA carefully selected more children’s books that specifically support the emotional and social development of children by encouraging children to respect others and challenge ‘traditional’ gender stereotypes.


Along with this, membership can also utilize the resources in various ways:

  • Keep a copy in the office and/or in the shelter.  It might be a good idea for at least one staff member to have read the resource for any dialogue that a survivor or her children may want to have regarding the theme of the book. 

  • Allow the books to be take-homes for survivors and their children.

  • Ask staff, volunteers and/or board members to take the time to read the resources and host a facilitated dialogue to discuss individual perspectives on teaching children about various themes, such as healthy sexuality, acknowledging and understanding ones’ emotions, and examining gender stereotypes.

  • Encourage adults to read to their children while simultaneously instilling values to respect others and understand one’s self. 

  • Partner with local elementary schools to read aloud to a class and discuss the book theme with students and teachers.

  • Some elementary schools host literacy nights for their families. Partner with those elementary schools to make these books available.

  • Identify local pre-schools that you can introduce the books to for discussion and possibly make available for them.

  • Host a book club for parents and young children, and be prepared to facilitate dialogue. In doing this, consider first hosting time with parents to discuss the books as a way for them to gauge their comfort level with the literature. 

  • Read aloud as part of a family night, and, again, be prepared to facilitate dialogue.

  • Share the resource with other partners that have a stake in preventing sexual violence in your community.  This could be used as a conversation starter for engaging folks, or a resource for continued dialogue with already identified primary sexual violence prevention partners.  Think of… reproductive health centers, school personnel, faith leaders, youth clubs, public health, mental health providers, social workers, PTA representatives, etc. 


At this time, children’s books are available to membership on a first-come-first-serve basis.  We request that you place your orders before February 4, 2016, and any remaining children’s books will be made available at the February Membership Meeting.  The WCADVSA will follow up in the Coalition Connection after the February Membership Meeting if resources are still available at that time.  Please choose the resources that fit your program and community while being mindful of other programs.  You will receive one (1) copy of each book requested.  Please contact the WCADVSA if that does not meet your needs, and we will try to accommodate your request.   Please scroll down to order your children’s books today, and don't forget to complete our survey at the bottom of this page!

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